iStock_000003356691SmallHuman resource is one of the biggest and most valuable resources of an organization. This is because it contributes to the development and achievement of organizational goals. Therefore, it is important that all organizations ensure that they not only have skilled and experienced employees but also a motivated team. Motivation challenges employees to do their best and perform their duties diligently. This ensures individual career growth and achievement of company goals.

Importance of Effective Communication with Employees

Good communication is an important aspect that must be seriously considered by all organizations. This is because it is the key driver that ensures effective employee engagement. This is the only way to go beyond mere superficial engagement and move into creating a favorable working environment. To manage human resource, it is important to create a climate of transparency, openness and candidness in all communication.

Managers should note that communication is a behavior that only builds trust overtime when it is consistent. It is concerned with managing relationships and should be incorporated into the fabric and culture of organizational life. Today, effective communication is no longer only a strategic leadership tool, but rather a conventionally accepted strategic necessity.

Communication as a Leadership Tool

Communication is key to ensuring successful leadership. A good leader should command the respect and adoration of their employees. One way to achieve this is to open up an effective two-way communication channel system. This allows the leader to communicate commands, requirements, assignments and any other relevant pieces of information. In return, they should be receptive to any feedback, complaints, suggestions and questions from employees.

Role of Storytelling in Organizational Communication

Storytelling is an effective communication tool that is currently gaining mainstream recognition across many industries. It is used to connect with employees and inspire change in their behavior. Many top corporates like NASA, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Motorola use various storytelling strategies. Some hire a corporate storyteller to capture and share company stories. Others train all their executives in effective storytelling. Storytelling is used to inspire the human resource of the organization, set visions and goals, teach important lessons, explain who leaders are and what they believe in as well as defining organizational culture.

Logos versus Emotions

Logos refers to logical appeal using facts and figures. Hard facts are a necessity to paint a picture of where the organization is currently at and where it ought to be. However, effective leaders must seek to engage with their human resource at an emotional level. This inspires motivation, sense of belonging, pride and desire to achieve set targets.

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